Breaking Up the NSA

I regularly turn to Bruce Schneier for the latest on breaking security news.

The NSA has become too big and too powerful. What was supposed to be a single agency with a dual mission -- protecting the security of U.S. communications and eavesdropping on the communications of our enemies -- has become unbalanced in the post-Cold War, all-terrorism-all-the-time era.

I'd argue that many of the problems with the NSA were there well before the GWOT, though they have been exacerbated since (along with those in every other intelligence/security agency).

Broadly speaking, three types of NSA surveillance programs were exposed by the documents released by Edward Snowden. And while the media tends to lump them together, understanding their differences is critical to understanding how to divide up the NSA's missions...

Breaking up the NSA will certainly cause problems, but it sounds pragmatic, especially given "[t]hat the NSA can, in the view of many, do an end-run around congressional oversight, legal due process and domestic laws..." vis a vis domestic surveillance.